Slow Burn by A.K. Macbride – Review by Tamisha Janay

Slow Burn (Breathing Hearts, #2)Slow Burn by A.K. MacBride
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I have seen countless reviews for this book claiming that five stars simply aren’t enough to explain how amazing it is.. and I am in 100% agreement with all of these reviewers! A.K. did such an amazing job with this story and I am looking forward to going through everything she has to offer and absorbing every word.
Adam and Maddie’s story is something incredible. He has a tough history and is hard to approach, grumpier than a normal 30-something-year-old man, and has forgotten all the potential good he has to offer. Maddie has been struggling with her family about her life choices for as long as she can remember and feels as though she cannot please them while staying true to herself. It is in the peace they find watching each other and getting to know each other that they are able to slowly put themselves back together and push past those hard things to create better futures for themselves. Slow burn is an adequate description of this story, but it is ABSOLUTELY worth the wait.

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