The Girl and the Gargoyle (The Girl and the Raven Book 2) by Pauline Gruber – Review by Shelly Kittell

The Girl and the Gargoyle (The Girl and the Raven, #2)The Girl and the Gargoyle by Pauline Gruber
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This series just keeps getting better. Lucy has her father, Jude, wanting to come in and meet her uncles. Marcus, her boyfriend, isn’t happy about that (oh yeah, he and Jude don’t like each other). Dylan, her friend and new demon (thanks to Jude), is suffering from new powers and has to do trainings along with Lucy. Oh yeah,[and nothing is ever as it seems. Marcus’s parents appear on the scene. There are also signs of a love triangle. This action-packed book has thrills, mystery, suspense, and drama for the YA (and even us oldies that love the genre). The characters are funny, full of anfst, charming and a little creepy. The humans have quirks and the paranormal have unique charm. They all mesh together to make a really powerful book that brings out that sometimes you have to compromise. And in the end, keep your enemies closer. Highly Recommend.

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