Unbreakable (The Diamonds Book 1) by Tee Smith – Review by Ashley Dover

Unbreakable (The Diamonds, #1)Unbreakable by Tee Smith
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Erin Murphy is a nurse at a local clinic. She returned to Rosewood Bay after her marriage failed when her mother was sick with cancer to help her father. After her mother passed, she decided to stick around as there was nothing to return to her previous hometown for.

Curtis “Ripper” Bandara has a past life that he would never forget and no ties to his siblings. He currently works stripping cars, reupholstering, and repainting them for sale. He is also a henchman for the Diamonds, a group of four men, who made and run Rosewood Bay. With the influx of a group of bangers that are younger, the men have a challenge before them so that war doesn’t break out in the Bay.

Being out with a friend and being slashed by a knife is the reason Ripper ends up in Erin’s clinic. The two have an electric spark, but Ripper knows that his life is not the life for Erin. When a friend ends up in trouble he calls Erin for help. She assists in making sure his friend doesn’t die. Shortly after, Erin ends up in trouble and Ripper takes her home.

Can the two work out the mystery of who is trying to hurt her? Is it because of Ripper or someone else in her life? Will the sparks they felt the first time they met ever lead to anything more?

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