Written in the Stars (Mothers and Daughters Collection) by Angela Christina Archer – Review by Betsy Melano

Written in the StarsWritten in the Stars by Angela Christina Archer
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Written In The Stars by Angela Christina Archer is a story that captures your heart right away. Elizabeth Hamilton is a teenage girl who’s pregnant hiding the fact from her parents. But her mother finds out Elizabeth is pregnant and drives Elizabeth to a home for boarding through the pregnancy. It takes a while for Elizabeth to realize that she will be leaving this house without her baby. Whatever will happen to Elizabeth’s baby?
As a mother, this book was sometimes emotionally hard to read. I have so much empathy for these teenage girls who were forced to give up their babies. Overall this book is great and shows all sides of the story – Elizabeth, her parents, the couple who adopted the baby, and ultimately, and the woman that baby turned out to be.

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