Drew: Book One of the Perfectly Independent Series by Amanda Shelley – Review by Kerry Carr

Drew (Perfectly Independent, #1)Drew by Amanda Shelley
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I really enjoyed this college romance. The characters were really well written and the author does a great job of showing you all the fun and stress that comes with college life.

Drew is a popular guy. He is star on the basketball team and from first impressions is your typical jock.
Abby is the complete opposite. From first impressions she is a nerd. However both first impressions are completely wrong.
When they are teamed up as lab partners Drew thinks she is just the girl he needs to help him pass the course and continue his dream of being a doctor. Abby  thinks this is a bad idea. Why should she need to carry a jock.

As time progresses they learn more about each other and their hopes and goals. Their connection becomes strong and Drew starts to realise that Abby could become more of a distraction then he originally thought.
Can they build something special together? When they see through the others front to see the real person inside can they help each other achieve their goals and dreams?

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