My Soul to Give (A Demon’s Love Book 1)by M.A. Fréchette- Review by Lauren West

My Soul to Give (A Demon's Love #1)My Soul to Give by Magali A. Fréchette
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This story was very unexpected! I started in one mindset and ended in a completely different one! There was sooo much involved in this storyline itself. The characters were very well developed and the story itself was original and intriguing. This paranormal romance took me some place I did not see coming at all. The amount of suspense, mystery, drama, romance, as well unexpected twists just made the story even more exciting.
When Celine’s husband is murdered she is devastated and angry. She wants revenge and is willing to sell her soul for it. When she meets a demon named Kai the night of her husbands murder he gives her just that option, and she takes it. As the pair start to explore Celine’s former life they discover a lot of hidden secrets that inspire more questions than answers. Kai knows more than he lets on, and as he Celine go thru this vengeful journey we discover that sometimes things are not at all how the seem.

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