Potager Plot (A Backyard Farming Series Book 5) by Vikki Walton – Review by: Jennifer Bartholomae

Potager Plot: A witty cozy mystery with a hint of romance. (A Backyard Farming Mystery Book 5)Potager Plot: A witty cozy mystery with a hint of romance. by Vikki Walton
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“Potager Plot” is Vikki Walton’s newest cozy mystery. This book follows Anne and a lively cast of townspeople as they try to unearth who killed the gardening club president, Billie. The author offers a wide array of characters and circumstances that could lead almost any of the townspeople to be Billie’s killer. Everyone has a secret, it seems. The book kept true to the idea of cozy, lighthearted mysteries. Yes, someone does get killed but we aren’t subjected to the gruesome details or play-by-plays that other mysteries sometimes give us. There is a little romance, but again, Watson keeps from delving too far into the details. I feel like the book speaks more to the nature of friendship and small-town life than it does anything. It is a very light, easy read, with enough intrigue to keep you turning the pages. For me, I think there may have been a few too many characters to keep up with. Throughout the book I had to keep referring to the cast list in the front to remember who each character was and what part they played. While Walton doesn’t go into the deep details of some themes in the book, I feel like she goes into a little too much detail in some spaces. Detail, that if left out, wouldn’t affect the story and that I found distracting in some instances or found myself trying to figure out where it fit into the plotline. Overall, a light, easy read with a dollop of suspense.

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