SPOOKED BY A SUSPICION by Risa Nyman – Review by Elizabeth Sanchez

Spooked by a SuspicionSpooked by a Suspicion by Risa Nyman
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While Spooked by a Suspicion is not advertised as a sequel, it follows Swallowed by a Secret. They could be read and enjoyed independently, but both are good books, so you should just read them. Despite this book being targeted to children readers (likely middle school age), I enjoyed it as an adult. I enjoyed the first book, so I was happy to hear there was a second book, so we could see more into Rocky’s life. This book centers around a difficult issue kids may encounter, but in a humorous way. Rocky’s mom drops the bomb that she is seeing someone new, and they plan to get married. Rocky didn’t even know they were officially dating, so this was a shock to him. Shortly after the announcement, strange things start to happen. Rocky is very imaginative, and comes to the conclusion his mom’s boyfriend is the cause of these things, and takes it upon himself to stop him. These things range from serious, a sports injury, to funny, being pooped on by a bird. Poor Rocky! We are led through a series of twists and turns on his summer vacation, and it teaches kids some life lessons in an entertaining way. I love the story and Risa Nyman’s style. The characters are all very fun and realistic, and can be enjoyed by all ages.

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