THE BOW (HER THREE IMMORTALS Book 3) by HAZEL STORM – Review by Kerry Carr

The Bow (Her Three Immortals, #3)The Bow by Hazel Storm
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is the 3rd book in Her Three Immortals series. And it’s just as good as the first two. Vanessa is back and is happily living life in the Underworld with her new love Grey. Since she helped bring he colour back to his life their heartstrings has grown stronger. She feels like is on the right track until Grey mother interferes.

Grey’s mother transports her back to the Overworld with a mission she has 24 hours to complete. Vanessa needs to get some water from the Waterfall of youth. So now Vanessa finds herself transported back into the home of her first love Raef. The positive is that Vanessa is invisible so doesn’t have to worry about being seen.

What she doesn’t count on is the fact that Aroz and his mother can see her.  After she is kidnapped by Aroz things really heat up as Aroz is the god of lust  and they have had a connection in the past. Stuck with the god of lust she waits for one of her other lovers to come rescue her. But she maybe waiting a while. How can she be saved when no one knows where she is?

This book is a great read. I love Vanessa’s character. She has such a sassy personality which come through the pages of this story. It was really enjoyable and leaves me wondering which of the 3 immortals I would choose. But why choose if you could keep all 3?

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