Shadows of Doubt (A Crawford Mystery) by Merissa Racine – Review by Lorrene Huisman

Shadows of Doubt (A Crawford Mystery)Shadows of Doubt by Merissa Racine
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I was so excited to read this book, and join Lauren on her next trial and case. I loved her character in the previous novel. The previous novel held me at the edge of the seat with suspense, and this one up held very much to my enjoyment with the first, though this one I seemed more and more intrigued!

Lauren is a tough cookie from my past readings about her and her growth as a character. She has always been a girl that will do or die to survive. She has to take a job she doesn’t want, but hey it pays the bills at the end of the day right? Doing her job leads to other things perhaps of the cognitive mind though? Lauren has a strong lust for the truth always. For those of us who read the first novel, we can speak that Lauren can get a hunch and you can basically know she may be onto something! I loved the murder trial and how Lauren went against better judgment to seek out the truth!

For me what really made my intrigue and wonder of this novel, is when Lauren is hunting for evidence and facts what she finds. Sometimes when you dig with questions you do not like the answers you find in your search. After all we all have secrets do we not? Not all those skeletons can stay hidden forever, or can they? As I read on things tied together, and I was blown away at moments leading up to the ending and conclusion! I really need to have a conversation about this book! It was more than good, the mystery and hunt for justice as well as the truth was descriptive and very well done. I was very much impressed as I was with the first, and even more this round! This author is amazing with her writing, seriously!

So again read this book, especially if you have read the prior, you will be holding your breath with suspense and intrigue as you read through this book. There was a lot of moments where even you question things in the book, that lead to another. Well done and very well written! Loved it entirely!

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