THE BOW (HER THREE IMMORTALS Book 3) by HAZEL STORM – Review by Vanessa Watts

The Bow (Her Three Immortals, #3)The Bow by Hazel Storm
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I am completely obsessed with this series; it doesn’t happen with many so when it does, I know I will return time and time again to read it.
So now Vanessa has completely won the heart of Grey, God of the underworld but must deal with what a lot of us must deal with. The dreaded mother-in-law, only hers is worse because her mother-in-law is a queen. She accepts a mission from Grey’s mother, that at first thought sounds simple enough but, when are things ever that simple for Vanessa. Finding herself prisoner to Aroz in an invisible castle quite literally in the clouds, how will she complete her mission especially when her very soul is at stake. The author adds a touch of beauty and the beast to the story and for Vanessa it is not all it’s cracked up to be. After finishing this book, I was glad to see that the author has a book 4 coming out next month because I am not quite ready to say goodbye to these characters. This is a must-read series that will draw you in and not let you go, not that you would want to go except maybe to buy the next book!

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