Kissing Darkness (Dark Spell Series Book 5) by Isra Sravenheart

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Kissing Darkness (Dark Spell Series Book 5) by Isra Sravenheart
Genre – Dark fantasy, witches and wizard thrillers, paranormal witch romance
Page Count – 312 pages
Cover Designer – Getcovers
Isra now walks in the shadows since giving her heart up to the darkness. She finds herself gloating when Everilda shows up but Everilda has her own journey of darkness unbeknownst to Isra when the demonic sorceress Rhiannon reveals a secret that could tear Everilda’s world apart.
Astrid the raven has witnessed Isra’s transition and is still keeping a friendly eye on her. Astrid eavesdrops on a private conversation between James and Samuel and is furious upon hearing that James has been given the role to befriend Isra. More importantly, James and Samuel have elaborately set it up so that Isra will be residing in a secluded fortress where they can safely keep watch on her. However, Isra is reluctant despite Samuel’s beautifully concocted plan.
Samuel the light-bringer has got his own ideas in mind for Isra when he comes down in person to speak with her. He introduces himself to Isra as a being of the light and gives her what he believes is an appealing alternative but will his soft approach work with Isra’s rigid heart?
Astrid rebels against Samuel’s authority and meets up with Isra only now he’s in a very handsome human form thanks to the demoness Rhiannon. For the first time ever, Astrid is able to get close to Isra in any way that he pleases but Astrid has something more sinister in mind for the dark sorceress. Astrid wants to unleash Isra’s full potential. He’s priming her for darkness. To ensure she becomes the destructive force that everyone has proclaimed her to be.
Now Samuel must get to Isra and Astrid in time before all hell breaks loose. And literally, since Astrid offers Isra the opportunity to be herself by offering her potent powerful magics that she once held claim to until Samuel had taken it away from her when they had first met.
You’ve tasted the darkness. You’ve lived in its gruesome claws, hiding amongst the shadows as it lured you with its bewitching call. But now dark and light is about to go head to head.
USA Today Best-Selling Author Isra Sravenheart tells a tale in which darkness can be the best friend you seek or the ultimate enemy. There can only be one way this can go as light and dark come together in the penultimate battle.


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Isra Sravenheart, USA Today bestselling lives in a fantasy world while writing elements of life and love into her books. Digging in the dark fantasy realm, her preferred area is creating villians that have hearts but she loves a good hero/ heroine. Dragons, witches and ravens are her forte!

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