Rock Me To The Top (Gracefall: Vicious Love Tour) by Victoria Zak – Review by Shea Gilkerson

Rock Me To The Top (Gracefall: Vicious Love Tour Book One)Rock Me To The Top by Victoria Zak
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I can’t wait to follow this series! Joe Grace has finally hit the big time in his band, Gracefall, where he is the drummer. He has everything he could ever want…except THE girl – his best friend, Mel. Mel’s father is a rock legend, as well as the one who taught Joe everything he knows about the world of rock n roll – including the lifestyle.

Mel has sworn to never date a rocker after watching what it did to her parents. Joe has never wanted to hurt Melody, and she is his endgame. They both look at past experiences in their lives to lead them to make the choices they have. Will becoming Gracefall’s tour manager give them the opportunity to get to know each other on a romantic level amongst all the sizzling chemistry, or will it push them towards others? Will tragedy lead them to being together and making their relationship stronger than ever? This book is definitely worth the read to answer your questions.

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