Whatever Tomorrow Brings (Embrace Tomorrow Duet Book 2) by Amy Argent – Review by: Jennifer Bartholomae

Whatever Tomorrow Brings (Embrace Tomorrow #2)Whatever Tomorrow Brings by Amy Argent
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book is the continuation of Will and Tori’s story. This book continues the emotional rollercoaster ride that was started in book one. Will and Tori start out on the journey we all hoped would come to fruition after the first book, trying to build a life together post-cancer. The story carries the same depth and emotional wisdom that the first did and still draws together a truly compelling story that keeps you turning the pages to the very end.

I feel like some parts of the book lacked some grounding in reality, which I understand given that this is a fairytale scenario romance life. The author had shown such depth with her writing in the first book that I thought maybe she wouldn’t fade as far down the fairytale path as she did in this one. Let’s face it, no matter how much you love someone and what kind of situation you are in, you aren’t going to go from sick in the hospital to living together full-time without some bumps along the road. I would have appreciated seeing more conflict between Tori and Will as they settled in together, rather than the automatic perfection that the book drew.

Also, the sex scenes. I’m not a prude and I hate to harp on this because I know it is to be expected in a romance novel, I just felt it overtook the story at some points. We get it, they love each other and are happy to be together, but I felt like every two or three pages we were back in bed with them, or in the shower, or on the floor…the storyline was built well enough that readers could have gotten the message and been engaged until the very end without spending hours discussing all of their passion. Overall, I still liked the book and would be interested in reading more of the author’s work, this one, while just as well written and emotional, didn’t grab me the same way the first one did.

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