Come Back Tomorrow (Embrace Tomorrow Duet Book 1) by Amy Argent – Review by Stephanie Chapman

Come Back Tomorrow (Embrace Tomorrow, #1)Come Back Tomorrow by Amy Argent
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Tori is a clinical psychologist at a hospital in Seattle who has taken it upon herself to provide terminal patients company. The patients have no visitors, and Tori feels that nobody should die alone. When her friend Jenny, a nurse for the hospital, approaches her about Will, Tori is caught off guard at his age. At 29 years old, Will has been diagnosed with an infection coupled with an end stage lymphoma. What is even more shocking, is that Will is refusing treatment and has a Do Not Resuscitate document on file.

At first, Tori visits Will, and he refuses to answer any questions except “Can I come back tomorrow?” As days go by, Will admits that he is eagerly awaiting her daily visits. Tori also begins to look forward to seeing him. They soon become friends and on the weekends, Tori brings movies, and they end up growing closer. They become infatuated with one another and Will begins to divulge more of his life with Tori. He begins allowing treatment to get past the infection and looks forward to going home. A day before he will be released to hospice, Will takes a turn for the worse with pneumonia. As he is nearing death, having issues breathing, he tells Tori to leave and not come back. Tori pleads with him to allow the hospital to treat him, but he refuses. As Tori sits at home grieving, she receives a call from Jenny that changes her entire view about Will. What changes? How will she handle his death?

I cannot express my utter emotional response to this book. I look forward to reading the sequel. As Tori fell in love with Will, I felt my heart go out to him. I will admit that it brought tears to my eyes when Will was diagnosed with pneumonia, and I connected with Tori’s pain when he rejected her company. I also struggled with why she just wouldn’t tell him that she loved him too.

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