Strega- Magic: The Spirit Never Dies by Lynne Russell review by- Stephanie Driskill

Strega - Magic: The Spirit Never DiesStrega – Magic: The Spirit Never Dies by Lynne Russell
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Picture this- a little villa in Italy where the center of town is a fountain. The smell of olive trees and many herbs float in the breeze. I can see myself at the fountain the day the news came forth from a crazy woman- pregnant. Who would believe such lies from her? Well, the truth has been told and the sisters who live on the outskirts of town and society are seeing to that pregnancy. The story takes a turn for the worst and the sisters are rushed off to America. I can relate to the sisters living on the outskirts of society as I too have never felt like I lived or belonged in mainstream. I use herbs, oils, and tonics to keep well and to heal others. I wear crystals in my clothes and worship all that Nature provides for us to use. I am a moon child and flow with the waxing and waning of the moon cycles.
Annie in our present day undergoes a journey of self-realization and lives up to her Italian roots. An amazing story of a family through the centuries and how they cope with their unusual background and personalities to become strong women. I absolutely loved this story! It was a great read and so easy to relate to the women that I found myself caught up in the story and the excitement. I journeyed with the sisters and experienced self-discovery with Annie. Definitely a must-read story for those who feel like they too live on the outskirts but have so much knowledge to share.

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