Tally and the Angel: Book Two, Canada by Eleanor Dixon – Review by Lorralei Hoerner

Tally and the Angel Book Two, CanadaTally and the Angel Book Two, Canada by Eleanor Dixon
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Such a great story! Following Tally and Jophiel from book 1 in India and now book 2 the next adventure is in the Yukon in Canada. I loved how the Tally and her dad become “mushers” and learn a new experience. When they trek on their own after learning the ropes of dog sledding, they seem to become lost and are in a village that is “cursed”. When Tally’s dad is hurt, she needs to find a way to get her dad to a doctor for treatment while trying to help break this curse that the village has. I love Tally’s character as she is curious but brave. Mystery, intrigue, gold hungry characters, mythical beings and just quite an adventure all wrapped into a great read! I cannot wait to book 3!!

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