The Box: A Greek Myth Paranormal Romance (Her Three Immortals Book 4)The Box: A Greek Myth Paranormal Romance by Hazel Storm
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I am sure I am not the only one that isn’t ready to say goodbye to Raef, Aroz, Grey, and Vanessa, and certainly not Pretty Kitty, and Gorgonita. These novels not only have transported me to another realm, or two, or three, but they’ve also allowed me to live a very sexually healthy life vicariously through these Immortals. From page one, the author really allows for the reader to become engulfed in the story as it unfolds, holding their breath, and hoping for certain outcomes. Vanessa is the ultimate heroine, and she deserves all that she is bestowed, we all need a little Vanessa to get us through the tough times, I think!

I really couldn’t tell you which of these are my favorite, as they are all very high on my ‘to be read again’ list. I did thoroughly enjoy getting to visit Tartarus, and finally meeting Typhon, certainly gave the novel a different spin on how the characters fare in dire situations. For a finale in a series, I do have to say this wrapped up all potential loose ends very, very well, and didn’t leave much to be desired. I have my fingers, toes, and everything else crossed that eventually, a spin off from this series comes to pass. The fights, the love, passion, and all other emotions brought out by this series are going to be missed. If you haven’t read the first three, get to it, and I guarantee, you won’t be disappointed. Highly recommend!

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