Whatever Tomorrow Brings (Embrace Tomorrow Duet Book 2) by Amy Argent – Review by Robin Rankin

Whatever Tomorrow Brings (Embrace Tomorrow #2)Whatever Tomorrow Brings by Amy Argent
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Whatever Tomorrow Brings (Embrace Tomorrow Duet Book 2)

Oh my goodness, how did I survive this book and series?  So many emotions happened and sometimes several at once.  If you haven’t read Book one please stop here and grab the first book.  You shouldn’t read this one first.

I have been so fortunate to not have anyone close to me in my adult years get very sick with cancer. I have no idea how Tori was able to go into this relationship with Will not knowing if he would make it.  I don’t know if I could do it, but she was all in.

I loved how in love they were with one another and like with a real couple how she did everything she could to take care of him and get him through this.

I hope that I’m never faced with anything like Tori, but if I am I hope I’m as dedicated and loving as she was.

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