Exiled South by Harriet Cannon – Review by Corine Lombardi-Quiles

Exiled SouthExiled South by Harriet Cannon
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was a refreshing read.
It gave you the ok into the life of a widow and I related to her as a mother and wife trying to find peace.
I loved the focus of history that the novel takes.
Anything war wins my vote and this really becomes a story of finding your truth and peace.
It is light and enjoyable with facts thrown in any just the right times to keep you hooked.
I can not imagine the pain of a widower but I connected to the story and the main character.
This has a feeling of solace that you feel within the story of family and how your past can define you and shape you, or not.
This will definitely become a reread and I recommend this as a book club read.
Light but intense at the same time. So well crafted.

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