Exiled South by Harriet Cannon – Review by Francis O’Sullivan

Exiled SouthExiled South by Harriet Cannon
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Exiled South is an interesting read and insight into different perspectives on the world. The protagonist, Lizbeth Gordon, has struggled for decades to reconcile her desire to be a good ally to people experiencing racism with the realities of slave ownership in her family history. For most of her adult life, she has hidden her southern accent and lived away from her family. But when her life is turned upside down, she goes back and begins to learn, and accept, more about her ancestors.
Things in this book are never quite straightforward – from what Lizbeth thinks her family history is, to what she thought her husband’s life was. There’s plenty to unravel, which keeps readers intrigued.
The author does a great job of creating a sense of place. I enjoyed exploring places like Charleston and Rio alongside Lizbeth. In that respect, it’s very much like a holiday in a book!
This book gets four stars from me. I would recommend it to readers interested in family history and the complicated and sometimes uncomfortable history of the American South.

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