Rebecca Steele Living the Dream (Rebecca Steele series Book 3) by Joanne Patterson – Review by Corine Lombardi-Quiles

Rebecca Steele Living The Dream (The Rebecca Steele series Book 3)Rebecca Steele Living The Dream by Joanne Patterson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Omg yay!
This was so beautiful.
I haven’t finished crying yet.
This author has a way of inspiring people through her live stories.
The way that Becky and Johnny have gone on this journey of love and adventure the ups and downs I feel like the ultimate third wheel.
I love that this story didn’t feel like the third of a series and that I was reading a new story.
The trials of success and motherhood really hit home.
I would read this book again and again.
Loved this book and the book before.
This author made me feel at home following this adventure.
Wish there was more.

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