Shake Loose the Border (Thunder on the Moor Book 3) by Andrea Matthews – Review by Kerry Carr

Shake Loose the Border (Thunder On The Moor Book 3)Shake Loose the Border by Andrea  Matthews
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is the 3rd book in The Thunder On The Moor. I really recommend reading these books in order as without doing that the story would be hard to follow as there as loads of characters and clans and time periods. Saying that if you do read from the first book you will be completed gripped by the story. It has the perfect mix of romance, adventure, danger and history as well an an element of time travel.
The author does an amazing job with the historical writing and descriptions which really bring the story to life as well as give an insight into the past history between the Clans in Scotland and England.
The time travel element of this story is a unique twist which allows our characters to find love with someone from a different time period to their own which makes the story all the more unique.
In this story we learn more about the Clans disagreements and the fights between them, we also learn more about the time travelling and how the way Maggie and Dylan travelled to meet their loves isn’t a way to travel forever. When things get dangerous Maggie returns to her time period to be safe but with the magic she used to travel weakening will she be able to travel back to be with the man she loves?

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