Divine Vintage by Sandra L. Young – Review by Vanessa Watts

Divine VintageDivine Vintage by Sandra L. Young
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This has got to be one of my top ten books I have read thus far. This book has history combined with murder, old flames, and possibly new love the author did a wonderful job weaving it all together into an unforgettable journey.

First we meet Tess who has just opened her own vintage clothing store despite the negative connotations from her ex. When in walks Trey with his grandmother that sets off a trail of events that neither could have predicted. Tess is invited to model an Edwardian gown from a Dunmore ancestor. This opens Tess up to having visions through the eyes of the bride of her murder that happened in 1913, whose dress Tess is wearing. Trey is not impressed with having visions of the past but with the possibility of clearing up tainted family history and getting closer to Tess he begrudgingly agrees to help. As more of the story unravels and a couple other characters become intertwined with the past, will Tess and Trey ever truly figure out who killed the bride? Are the visions and emotions from the past imprinted on Tess and Trey or are their feelings for each other truly real? This is a must read book that will keep you guessing on who the murderer was. Can you figure it out before the characters in the book? You’ll just have to read this to find out who dunnit and if Tess and Trey get their happily ever after!

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