The View From Here by Leon Stevens.

The View from HereThe View from Here by Leon Stevens
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Thomas is a man with a lot of life experience under his belt and now all he wants to do it hike the trails around where he lives and absorb the nature around him and that is exactly what he sets out to do, however on this particular day, it is the one thing that doesn’t happen.

The hike starts off as any other does, apart form the car in the car park with a note saying it is “not abandoned”, he admires the viewpoint and makes his way up to the part of the trail with a wall around it and the decision to either follow the trail and either go up or down. This changes when he spots a footprint on the top of the wall and he has a decision to make, but in the end he makes a discovery and takes a leap of faith following where he thinks the person may have gone.

What Thomas finds when he follows in another’s footsteps is nothing like he has seen before, but the friendships he creates will leave a lasting effects on him. If you were in his shoes, somewhere you have never been before and with only your skills and those of another to keep you going, would you be able to take the same leap of faith and be brave enough to create the friendships it may lead to? This is a dystopian adventure where science fiction becomes a new reality and nothing is what it seems.

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