Class Clown (Ghost Girl Series) by Allan Evans – Review by Shea Gilkerson

Class ClownClass Clown by Allan Evans
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book originally caught my eye when I saw the spooky cover – and further when I saw clown in the title. I’m not a fan of clowns in general, but love spooky stuff, paranormal, dystopian kind of reads. This book, and Abbey, are not the “norm”. When you do something so different from the rest, it is either a great move or disastrous, and the author with this move did something outstanding.

Abbey Hill has always had spooky events happen to her with ghosts being drawn her way. Most are friendly, or just confused, but some are downright evil. So many relationships have been lost thanks to her “talent” – and that’s not what she would consider it. After taking a fun family trip to the circus with her parents, Abbey begins noticing ghost clowns everywhere she goes. While that is bad enough, her friends then start disappearing. Is Abbey the cause of her missing friends? Can she fix this?

Abbey is really a great, strong, fun character and carries the story incredibly well. I love her sense of self, her snarkiness, her taste in music – on top of all the other dramas and messes of high school, everything blends so well and is a really intoxicating read. I’m thrilled to find several more books by this author to dig into next!

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