Plauge of Death (Anchoress Series Book 2) by D.L. Armillei- Review by Melissa Saxton

Plague of Death (Anchoress, #2)Plague of Death by D.L. Armillei
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Van is back in this spellbinding YA series after spending some time training, coping with the loss of her father and so many members of her team and learning Brux the boy she’s falling in love with is now her protector and completely off limits

Now again Van has 30 days to save both worlds on a mission to check a seal between both worlds and ultimately to find the other items of creation. For whatever reason, Van wants her (let’s face it) selfish best friend along for the ride and to her horror her arch nemesis who’s dating her ex boyfriend will be along for the ride.

A new character and instant chemistry love interest is introduced but is so far beyond forbidden Van struggles to understand her feelings for this one and instead tries to suppress all her emotions thinking it will give her control.

What will she learn in this story? you definitely need to find out.

Please read Book 1. it’s imperative to understand the story!

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