Claiming My Mate (Wolf Hollow Pack Book 1) by Nicole Howl – Review by Ayla Eddy

Claiming My Mate (Wolf Hollow Pack, #1)Claiming My Mate by Nicole Howl
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A great paranormal romance. There is twists and excitement from start to finish. It leaves you wanting more of their story. A quick read but I cannot wait to pick up the next book to find out what happens next.

The story is around two main characters. Lily a captured human servant and Jason the future Alpha and King of Wolf Hollow. I enjoyed that Lily was not the weak female throughout and only continued to define her true strong-self as the story progressed. Equally Jason is not the over the edge intense insufferable werewolf, but still very much the assertive mate when the time arrives. Humans live in fear of the Shifters and do their best to avoid drawing attention on themselves. When Lily manages to gain more notice than she ever wanted after the Royals return home things in the house start to teeter on a dangerous shift in balance. Are their differences too much for Wolf Hollow? Will they get to find a happy ending?

A small trigger warning that the concept of rape is there, but not in graphic detail of said event.

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