Unabridged (Lovestruck Series Book 2) by Melinda De Ross – Review by Christine Baranek

Unabridged (Smart & Sassy in the City, #2)Unabridged by Melinda De Ross
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By Melinda De Ross

This is such an easy romance read. I truly enjoyed the pace of the novel and the storyline was fairly believable. The story begins with Angelina. Angelina works at a literary magazine and has come up with a great column. She has written it (and drawn illustrations to go with it) and she is dashing into her boss’ office to show him her next great idea. It is a little edgier than her usual column but she thinks he will approve of her next big idea. As she opens the door she is amazed to see who is in her boss’ office. Her boss has retired and the love of her life, whom she left behind three years ago is standing in his place. Her former lover is now her boss. Angelina’s past catches up to her present very quickly and she must determine how she can move forward. Three years ago, she left Blade with no explanation, searching for a better life for herself to give him the life she thought he deserved. A lot happens in three years, however, is there such a thing as a love that is meant to be? Angelina and Blade must decide how to move past those three years and the pain that both of them feels if they decide to be together now. They also must decide if it is even ethical for them to be together. Blade is in the middle of a messy divorce. It definitely isn’t going to be easy if they decide that they want to be together again.
This book was such an easy read. I truly enjoyed reading about Blade and Angelina and seeing how the grapple with the decisions of their past. I also really enjoyed how their families interacted with them. Angelina’s mom was an amazing character and I loved how she ended up having her own side plot of her own. I would definitely love to read a follow up that not only explores Blade and Angelina further, but also has a focus on her mother and her side of things.

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