A Veil of Gods and Kings (Apollo Ascending Book 1) by Nicole Bailey – Review by Terri Jo McAllister

A Veil of Gods and Kings (Apollo Ascending, #1)A Veil of Gods and Kings by Nicole Bailey
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was a new spin on Greek mythology. Apollo has not yet ascended to his god-status, nor does he really want to. Zeus assigns him to seek out Hyacinth to learn how to become more like a ruler. Apollo and Hyacinth don’t trust each other at the onset, but the more they are forced to work together, each sees the potential, as well as the shadows of doubt, in the other and a bond is formed. This was not the usual type of book I read, and while I don’t care for the M/M, it was still a great read
Reviewed by Terri Jo McAllister

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