The Scent of Gardenias by Lorraine Haas – Review by Tina Vega

The Scent of GardeniasThe Scent of Gardenias by Lorraine Haas
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Beautiful emotional retelling of one woman’s life story by her daughter and I’m just floored. Having my own struggles of childhood poverty, I struggled reading those moments in the novel. At the same time, sometimes those reminders are good for us. I’m so glad the author was inspired by her mother’s story and wanted to put it on paper. So many times, I’ve wondered if we would look at others differently if we had walked a mile in their shoes. This author took us for a walk no doubt. I loved the author’s writing style, loved some characters and hated a few, and loved the era. What a story of carving a better life, being tenacious, and a backbone that life couldn’t break.

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