The True Purpose of Vines (The Winemakers Book 1) by Giovanna Siniscalchi – Review by Katie Turner

The True Purpose of Vines: An intoxicating historical romance about wine and love. (The Winemakers Book 1)The True Purpose of Vines: An intoxicating historical romance about wine and love. by Giovanna Siniscalchi
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The True Purpose of Vines is the first book to the Winemakers series by Giovanna Siniscalchi. As I read the first chapter, I was not too sure where the book was going to take me. But as I continued on, I realized it was going to take me to a far more beautiful place than I imagined. In 1870 Portugal, during a timeframe when it was not considered normal for a woman to work so hard and be the household provider, there lived a headstrong widow, mother and passionate winemaker named Julia Costa-Ferreira. Julia has taken over her late husband’s business and does not need help or directions from any man. But here comes the handsome Griffon Maxwell, a pretentious Englishman who agrees to travel to Portugal initially to chase a debt with hopes of striking a deal. He didn’t realize he’d be chasing after the debtor’s heart as well. But can her independent ways and his conservative mindset find a way?

I loved the slow buildup of romance between these two characters, the descriptions, the setting. The author clearly took her time to do a lot of in-depth research to be able to take her readers to a historical period with elaborate, accurate detail. This was a beautiful story, and I look forward to the next one. I’d also like to mention how vibrant and gorgeous the cover is. A perfect representation for this tale. If you love a good historical romance and wine, this is the perfect story to find yourself lost in.

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