Finding Starlight (Quimby Grove Book 1) by Shannon Nikole – Review by Lisa Helmick

Finding Starlight (Quimby Grove #1)Finding Starlight by Shannon Nikole
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I really loved this story a lot! It pulls on the old heart strings! I normally shy away from books like this. This one I gave a go and was happy I did. The story started off amazing! Then slowed down in the middle But picked right back up to an exciting end.

The characters are lovely! Ellawyn and Beckett are both wonderful characters but I think my favorite is Benji. There are a few other liked secondary characters that I hope will be moved to get their own story.

Overall its a good story that easily kept my interest and turning pages. This is a new author for me and she did a good job with this story. I did find a few errors but I just did not let them bother me too heavily. Everything has a nice flow. Plus she made a lovely little town.

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