Amber Waves of Grace by Jessica Berg – Review By Julie Johnson

Amber Waves of GraceAmber Waves of Grace by Jessica Berg
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Corrie has her work cut out for her. After an accident leaves her father unable to carry on the daily duties of caring for and running a farm, Corrie leaves her reporter job and comes back home. She’s out on the combine daily bringing in the harvest and when it’s planting season, she’s back planting in the fields. Tragedy seems to come naturally to Corrie though, not that she’s asking for it! Whether it’s firing her farmhand, running into an old love, the drama that comes with running a business, Corrie has her fair share of excitement, and it’s not all good. However, there are several facets of this story that do bring about good. Tragedy brings good to those who look for it!! Corrie has a beautiful heart and the love she has for people is the kind of love this world needs more of!!

I LOVED this book!!!! It is definitely in my top three reads so far this year and I’m pretty sure it’s number one! What Northern raised farm girl wouldn’t love a book about a girl running a huge farm!?!?! This book was so refreshing and different from the romances I’ve been reading lately. There are so many elements of this book….love, grace, peace, forgiveness along with tragedy, shame, and pain. This book seemed so real to me and the author weaves this story so beautifully. There are “christian” elements in this book but it’s not the sole focus of the story. I will be looking for more books by this author as I really enjoyed her storytelling and the style in which she writes!

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