Isabella Bride of Ohio: American Mail Order Bride by Debra Parmley – Review by Elizabeth Sanchez

Isabella, Bride of Ohio (American Mail-Order Brides Series)Isabella, Bride of Ohio by Debra Parmley
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Isabella Bride of Ohio, American Mail Order Bride is not the type of book I normally read, but it sounded interested. I admit, I didn’t know American mail order brides was a thing, but it intrigued me. The topic being quite taboo, made it all the more interesting. I liked Isabella, but also felt quite bad for her situation. She has had a hard life, and she is only still a teen! I was at first astonished for her to be all alone, but then had to remember it was a different time. I enjoyed reading the book but found her very naive, falling in love too quickly. I kept waiting for something to happen. She made me think of the movie Frozen – “You can’t marry a man you just met!” But yet, Isabella met, got engaged and wed very quickly. Again, the time and situation was different then. I wasn’t much surprised by the encounter on the train but if left me wanting to know more of Tom. Who is he? What did he mean by “like a constable” but yet wasn’t one. Is he a good guy or a bad guy? The mystery behind him kept me intrigued. The author kept sprinkling more facts as the book went on, and I kind of saw the ending coming, but still enjoyed it. It wrapped up all the loose ends. The book itself was a short quick read, so I didn’t get too invested in the characters, but it was enjoyable.

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