Key to His Heart by Kristina Beck – Review by Tracy Manderson

Key To His HeartKey To His Heart by Kristina Beck
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was a very interesting read for my first book written by this author. This is a contemporary romance with unconditional love is tested when devastating truths are revealed. The characters are great and well written.

Katrina has secrets. She wasn’t prepared for sparks to fly, filling my life with endless love, comfort, and safety. TJ, Toby, and I are inseparable, like a genuine family. She thought it was long gone. After confessing her love to TJ, she tumbles into a black hole of hell. Her perfect façade begins to crumble, and she can’t mask it anymore.
Now that TJ seethe real her will he leave her or stay and fight by her side?
TJ bursts through a stranger’s door, Katrina and her newborn son, Toby, are pushed into his life. His hopeful soul whispers to him that they are meant to be together. But can he trust himself?
Can Katrina believe that someone could love her? Can TJ prove his love for Katrina? Will she end up alone and broken or will she have a happily ever after?


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