Levi (The Brothers of Creekside Ranch Book 1) by Edith Mackenzie – Review by Beverly Finnie

LeviLevi by Edith Mackenzie
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Levi was a sweet/hard different type of romance than I’m used to. A band of male identical triplets, which gives me at least 2 more books to look forward to. This is Levi’s wild ride. Well written with beautiful character growth especially for the main female character was exponential.
In witness protection to be hidden from her Russian Mafia ex-boyfriend, Bella finds herself a nanny to a recently orphaned girl. Though she’s not Bella to them but Beccy instead. The only one who knows her real identity is Levi. Bella does everything she can to fit and blend in but housework and cooking was never something she ever did before.
Levi, ex-Navy seal, has been tasked to keep Bella safe. He uses it to his advantage by suggesting she be a nanny to his baby sister. Levi is deeply wounded from his time in the military, so if you suffer from ptsd go into this novel and tread lightly.
I know people personally who could sympathize with Levi as they’ve battled that monster as well.
Helping each other along the way Bella and Levi end up growing closer to one another, developing a connection that grows throughout.
Bella is posh and Levi is hard nosed and hands on, what would these two ever have in common?
Is it a story of safety?
Or is it about opposites attracting?
Do their feelings get in the way?
If only their lives were easier, maybe they could explore the chemistry between them. Maybe there is just lots to look forward to, not only in Levi’s story but in the future books starring Amos and Elijah.


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