Love is What You Bake of it (The Meraki Series Book 1) by Effie Kammenou – Review by Gillian Fawell

Love is What You Bake of it (The Meraki Series #1)Love is What You Bake of it by Effie Kammenou
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Wow, anyone else hungry after reading this book? My thanks to the author for providing so many recipes too – now to see if I’m as talented as Kally! I’ll admit it took me a moment to get into this book and to warm to Kally but once I learnt more about her background it was easier to see where she was coming from and I warmed to the whole Anadarakis family – I’m looking forward to learning more about them in the rest of the series as well as Max and Athena of course! Oh and I almost forgot – grateful to learn more about Greek culture too! This book has it all!

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