Pursuit into Darkness (War of Destiny Book 2) by Theresa Van Spankeren – Review by Roxsanne Lesieur.

Pursuit into Darkness (War of Destiny, #2)Pursuit into Darkness by Theresa Van Spankeren
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It is the year 1582 when Julia returns and it is seventy years since we last heard from her, she is passing the time learning from Samuel and the rest of the resistance fighters she agreed to help as part of the deal of her living within Samuel’s group, her ka-tet. It has been a peaceful time and she has grown to love and care for those she is living with and they have carved out a place in the society around them, but all that changes with the arrival of Valentino, he is a long term enemy of Samuel and has intended on hurting him and the Resistance he leads for a long time.

Samuel knows that Julia and the rest of the ka-tet are nowhere near strong enough to face Valentino between Julia being a mere fledgling as well as some of the others who aren’t in much better situation, so Julia reluctantly agrees to flee to safety before the Vampire King can get to her, this however, doesn’t go to plan!

As they escape, it becomes clear that fighting is inevitable ans Julia throws herself into the fray to protect those around her, but their ka-tet is in more danger than ever as attacks come from all around them, but will they be able to stick to their plan, or is the danger too great? This is an emotional rollercoaster of a fight where good and evil cover a lot of grey areas, danger lies around every corner and relationships are in jeopardy for both internal and external forces. This is a sequel which will keep you hooked from the start and keep you on the edge of your seat throughout.

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