The Second Alpha Heir by C.L. Ledford – Review by Santana Hicks

The Second Alpha HeirThe Second Alpha Heir by C.L. Ledford
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Nolen is the second son of the Alpha of their pack, making him mostly unseen. Compared to his perfect brother Archer, Nolen was scrawny and weak. He never had to worry about it though as Archer was the heir to the pack. That is until one day Archer is killed, thrusting Nolen into the spot of heir at the young age of 13.

Nolen was completely unprepared for what was expected of him. Fortunately, there is another heir from a different pack, named Sawyer, undergoing Alpha training to take over his own pack. Nolen’s father decided it was in his best interest to train with Sawyer and his pack until his 18th birthday when Nolen’s wolf is due to show himself.

While Nolen was training with the pack, he met Sawyer’s sister Amora and there is an instant connection between them. She was only 10 years old so he chalked it up to a protective feeling of this little girl.

As time goes on, Nolen gets bigger and stronger and feelings for Amora are even more confusing. There is a lot of will they\won’t they tension once they hit their teen years.

This was a very well written coming of age paranormal book. Nolen has no self esteem even after he gets bigger and more handsome. He has it in his head that he will never be as good as his brother and that no one will accept him as their Alpha. I like how the author delved into those feelings, often making Nolen be more relatable to the reader. Scrawny, timid boy turns into a strong, handsome and more confident man.

The only thing I did not like was the age of Amora when feelings were starting to develop. She was too young in my eyes. I know there isn’t much of an age difference between the two but where the age difference is makes me feel a bit uncomfortable. Having an 11 year old child myself, I didn’t want to think of a girl that age in a love story. But hey, that is just me in denial that my son is growing up.

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