The Vilification of Aqua Marine by Megan Mackie – Review by Tanya Wall July 2022

The Vilification of Aqua Marine (Working Mask, #1)The Vilification of Aqua Marine by Megan Mackie
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this author or this genre- it definitely isn’t one I would pick up at the library. But, I’m glad I took a chance! This story will make you laugh out loud!

Rhainnon/Aqua Marine comes from a family of a superhero and a supervillain. This leaves her wondering where her place is in this labeled world. She feels like she is an imposter because her superpowers aren’t good enough in her eyes. She wants to leave an impact in this world and to just make her mom proud of her. She isn’t sure how to make this happen with her power to lift only one cup of water at a time.

This entertaining and fun read will have readers from the younger end of the YA audience to adults engaged and willing to see what happens next.

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