Enchanted in Time by Nikki Lynn Barrett – Review by Tanya Wall August 2022

Enchanted in TimeEnchanted in Time by Nikki Lynn Barrett
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Roxanne takes a job as a caregiver to Claudette Grayson, an author who is on her deathbed. Claudette asks Roxanne to be a ghost writer and finish her final book. Prior to this, Roxanne was reeling from a loss so great, she was struggling to get past it. She is hoping this new job will help.

As Roxanne begins to read through notes and get things in order for writing, she finds strange things happening in the house. The music box plays music, a fresh rose is left behind…she hears voices. But whose? Could it be the character from the book she is helping to write? Is it someone else who has passed?

This is a book with quite a few twists and turns – ones you would never guess! The ending was not what I anticipated – good one, Nikki Barrett!

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