Thief (Popov Bratva Book 4) by Leslie Georgeson – Review by Savanah Schwarz

Thief (Popov Bratva #4)Thief by Leslie Georgeson

Thief is the fourth mafia romance book in the Popov Bratva series by Leslie Georgeson. After reading this book I cannot wait to go back and read the rest of the books in this series. I started this thinking that this would be a quick read with some basic mafia, jealous-possessive, and intense spicy times. I was dead wrong. Leslie Georgeson writes her characters in such a way, that it negates the stereotypical trope and instead you perceive these characters as real people. I quickly got attached to Leah and her story. I kept waiting for the book to show some sort of mismatched error or spelling error or some sort of cheesy oneliner to turn me off and lead me into that version of Mafia Romance we all know. Instead, I have so engrossed in the story and the romance that the Mafia aspect was second to the actual story.

This story begins with Dom, a Bratva prince, son of the Pakhan of the Russian Mafia. He has a lucrative business as a car thief, stealing and selling cars for the Bratva.

When a client of the Bratva has a special order, he is only eager to comply. After all, he is an expert thief, never spending time in prison or a cell. His confidence and skill in stealing cars are almost too sexy and incredibly alluring. Never mind his piercing eyes, sharp senses, and shaggy hair.

When he stops at a local store and sees his quarry, he is taken by surprise when Leah, a beautiful, fierce country star celebrity,  jumps into the car as he is boosting it.

Leah, having secrets of her own, as the former daughter of a notorious Biker Gang criminal, realizes her car is being stolen. Thinking of only one thing, to prevent her baby “Silver” from being stolen. From there the rest is drawn out in twisting narrations of love, heat, enemies-to-lovers, and intense love story with different aspects of mafia, celebrity, and family thrown in the mix. This book will keep you on your toes but lure you in with its soft moments and bouts of criminal activity and of the underworld.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I immensely loved the narration the storytelling and world-building. This has started me down a never-ending book binging on all things Leslie Georgeson and Mafia romance. I am now obsessed with this author as she has not been disappointed with this one.

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