Azreya, Aztec Priestess: An Illustrated Mythology Legend by Tricia Copeland, Illustrated by Matt Maes – Review by Barbie England

Azreya, Aztec PriestessAzreya, Aztec Priestess by Tricia Copeland
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

One of the things that I really enjoy about illustrated works is comparing the mental picture the words give me with the illustrations. While reading Azreya, Aztec Priestess I found myself looking for those depictions. The world building Ms. Copeland provides is top-tier, and the illustrations add to this reading experience. I think the passion the author has for legends behind the Aztec people is on display through this story. Azreya has a mark on her arm at birth that her people think signifies she is cursed. She goes to live with a respected spiritual leader, but will his intentions prove to be good? As Azreya learns more about the spirit inside of her, who she calls Tecuani, will her mission to save her people be successful? You have to read the story to find out!

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