Azreya, Aztec Priestess: An Illustrated Mythology Legend by Tricia Copeland – Review by Roxsanne Lesieur.

Azreya, Aztec PriestessAzreya, Aztec Priestess by Tricia Copeland
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Azreya is a young woman with a strong spirit inside her, she was given by her family to a shaman, Nukpana at the age of three, they were told that unless they did, she could become a danger to those around her, but that she would not be able to see them again until that was accomplished. She was taught to read, write and strengthen her body, mind and soul, as well as learn how to use her gifts, but all was not as it seems when a client comes to see Nukpana, but her advice is not what is given, it was advice which would only serve Nukpana, so when she finds out, she cannot be pacified and neither can the soul inside her, so she packs her things and leaves.

In her vision, Azreya has seen the future of the Aztec people, but if the wrong path of two chosen, it could mean the end of her people, so with the knowledge that her people can survive if they band together she sets off to speak to someone who will listen. She decides to stop by the home of her family on the way, however, the truth she finds there is devastating and she is thrown out by the ones she is supposed to be loved by the most. As she journeys to somewhere she is not known, she is determined to face her cursed birth head on and embrace the demon inside her which everyone seems to hate and fear, but this is only the start of her trials.

Will Azreya be able to control her inner demon and come to find a balance and peace within herself, or will the foretold danger to those around her come to the surface and destroy everything she is working towards? This is an epic tale of one girl, one vision and a whole lot of challenges, as she fights to save her people in a race against time which will keep you intrigued throughout and on the edge of your seat until the end.

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