Burn (Elemental Warriors Book 1) by Joanna Morgan

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Burn (Elemental Warriors Book 1) by Joanna Morgan
Genre – Paranormal Romance
Page Count – 285
Cover Designer – Miblart

A sexy Fire Elemental on the verge of self-combustion. A human woman with a touch of Water in her blood. A supernatural foe bent on destruction.

Levi, warrior and Fire Elemental, has one mission—to protect the mortal realm from the forces of Chaos. But that changes after a chance encounter with a human woman whose smile makes him burn hotter than the fire inside him.

Brooke Simmonds can’t forget the mysterious man with flames in his eyes and strange tattoos on his arms who walked through an inferno to save her from a devistating apartment fire. When she finds him again, their reunion ignites a fiery passion that threatens to consume them both.

But Levi is back for another, more urgent reason. The Chaolt are after Brooke. There’s a power awakening inside her, and they plan to exploit it. She’s suddenly sucked into a world, and a war, she never knew existed while Levi’s powers blaze even more out of control, endangering everyone around him.

The attraction between Levi and Brooke is so hot it sizzles, but if he doesn’t get his fire in check and stop the Chaolt, the entire town of Topaz Ridge may go up in flames.


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Joanna writes paranormal and fantasy romance. She lives in Michigan with her husband and two kids. A Romance addict, nature lover, and chronic daydreamer, she often finds herself absorbed in romantic visions of different worlds and characters. Sometimes, she even writes them down.

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