River Witch by Cheryl Burman – Review by Kerry Carr

River WitchRiver Witch by Cheryl Burman
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I really enjoyed this story. The author does an amazing job with creating the story. The author’s writing is captivating and very descriptive which makes the reader actually feel like that are part of the story. You can imagine the fields and river and see the river nymphs. Such beautiful writing. I also love our lead character Hester. Through the story we see her grow up and mature and become determined to follow the path of her dreams instead of the life her mother has planned for her.

Hester is a daughter of a farmer. Her grandmother used to create medicinal positions from herbs and flowers to help people. Back in her day her grandmother would have been considered a witch. This however is what Hester feels is her calling?
Is this the path the River godess Sabrina has planned for Hester?
Not according to Hesters mum. In her eyes Hester needs to stop dreaming and focus on finding a decent husband and becoming a wife.

Hester is determined that’s not going to happen so she leaves to find the mysterious man who keeps popping into her life.
Aaron is a mysterious man who has knowledge about the herbs and plants as well as the magic of the river. This is the knowledge that Hester wants. However when she finds him he turns her away.

What is holding Aaron back from sharing his knowledge? What’s happened in his past that is stopping it? And without Aaron’s help will Hester ever realised her dream and the river goddesses wish being able to heal using plants and herbs?

This story is full of twists and turns which will keep the reader guessing and it will also leave you asking questions about what you are reading as you go through Hesters journey of discover to find her purpose and realise her dream.

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