The Mermaid and the Ice Cube Necklace (Mermaid Science) by Lois Wickstrom – Review by Micalah Weatherholtz

The Mermaid and the Ice Cube Necklace (Mermaid Science)The Mermaid and the Ice Cube Necklace by Lois Wickstrom
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I was really impressed with this authors ability introduce scientific concepts, tackle important topics like reusing and recycling, imaginary friends, and have wonderful, engaging illustrations and still manage to keep children entertained. While I feel this series of books is geared more toward girls, my boys still enjoyed it. As a homeschool mom I really appreciate books like this. It offers a lot of extra curricula, ideas for many activities, and lots of opportunities for learning. This is just one of many great books on offer from this author. It’s great for all ages.

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