The Prisoner of Paradise (Painted Souls Book 1) by Rob Samborn – Review by Shannen Kern

The Prisoner of Paradise (Painted Souls, #1)The Prisoner of Paradise by Rob Samborn
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This thriller was a jaw-dropping adventure that never let up throughout the entire book. I can’t believe I read through this so quickly, but that’s what happens when you forgo sleep to reach the end. I am absolutely thrilled that this is going to be a series!

As you stare down two different timelines throughout the book, the author does an amazing job weaving the two together with such intricate yet seamless detail. Nick is finally taking his wife to Venice, her dream trip, not long after he is injured. During their trip, a painting seemingly reaches out to him and the voice he hears is soul-stirring. Julia is terribly worried about her husband, but Nick believes that the voice is his love from a past life. Will he be able to serve what he believes is justice for the past souls or will his injury prove too much for his current wife to take?

Rob Samborn has released such a brilliant start to the Painted Soul Series! I am already pre-ordering the second book now. You won’t regret this elaborate time-travel experience.

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