Wicked Treasure (The Charm Collector Book 3) by Melissa Erin Jackson – Review by Tausha Treadway

Wicked Treasure (The Charm Collector, #2)Wicked Treasure by Melissa Erin Jackson
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Wicked Treasure (The Charm Collector Book 3) by Melissa Erin Jackson. I loved the 2nd book in this series so I was so excited about reading this one and I was not disappointed. Its the continuing story of Harlow and also the story of her best friend Kayda. Harlow is on the hunt for the magical sword, Caspian, to solve the mystery of the origins of the sentient sword. Kayda has been left behind to deal with Collective who is creating chaos. Kayda is not happy about this. Kayda and Harlow have always been friends, partners in crime in everything so when Kayda is ghosted by Harlow she is not happy at all and doesn’t understand. They both find themselves in dangerous situations during their quests. Will Harlow find the magic sword and will Kayda be able to hold the fort down without everything falling apart? Read this addition to The Charm Collector series to find out!

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